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PINKDOCTOR. We understand women health better.

Pink Doctor is dedicated to Women healthcare. Our digital & Telemedicine Application suits to Indian women health needs for both urban and rural.

Gynaecology related (Periods, Childbirth, Pregnancy, Birth Control) or Urinary Infection, Breast Cancers etc are considered taboo to discuss within family especially with male members. This is an issue even with well educated women in some Geographies and certain Cultures. Women resort to home remedies and seek medical assistance only when problem aggravates.

Women in Rural and Semi Urban area lack Primary Healthcare specially on Women Health Issues. Despite government efforts, cracks exist in current healthcare system. India’s 65% population which lives in rural area are catered by 20% doctors only .Rest 80% doctors live in Cities. This skewed distribution of doctors is bigger problem.

Gynaecology, Infertility, breast problems, PCOs in rural area need to be addressed. Infertility too is big problem. These problems remain within home and goes unnoticed and untreated due to ignorance, social stigma, lack of quality healthcare

Pink Doctor address the health concern via telemedicine application both for urban tech savvy women as well as rural women through our vast network of Advisors.

The doctors enlisted on this platform are specialized on Women Healthcare. The platform meets the women comfort and privacy requirements. Women can consult the doctor via chat, audio and video call . The exclusive Women membership ensures privacy, security and secrecy of conversation between you and doctor. 

We have doctors from almost from all states of India. We have largest numbers of Gynaecologist on our platform



Use technology for better healthcare for all. Affordable healthcare should be within reach for every woman.


To make India a World Health Guru by our own contributions using technology. Make the healthcare within reach to women in developing countries around the globe by using technology.