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Terms & Condition Of Use

Kindly note the terms & condition of use very carefully. If you decide to proceed further on the application ,you agree and accept the terms and conditioned mentioned herein. If the terms and conditions are not agreeable to you, you quit the application and do not proceed further.

BUNNETSKYTON TECHNOSOFT PRIVATE LIMITED is operating Brand “Pink Doctor” along with internet telemedicine application and website www.pinkdoctor.in

BUNNETSKYTON TECHNOSOFT PRIVATE LIMITED owns and operates the services provided through the Website and App “Pink Doctor”. Hence forth Bunnetskyton Technosoft Private Limited along with it owned and Operated website www.pinkdoctor.in and App” Pink Doctor” will be called as “Pink Doctor” only.

Various terms used in the policy are defined as under :

·       ‘You’ or ‘Your’-Refer you as the user (Registered, Nonregistered, Healthcare Service Practitioner). Short form of Healthcare Service Practitioner is used as HSPT. If you allow a third person to use application on your behalf, he or she will be referred as ‘You’,’Your’ as well

·       “We/Us/Company/Our/PINK DOCTOR’-Refer to Bunnetskyton Technosoft Pvt Ltd. registered at A-1/166, Sector-L.Ashiyana,LDA Colony,Lucknow-226012

·       AGREEMENT-It collectively or individually refer to the term of use, Privacy policy, other service related specific term/terms ,other policies and disclaimers.

·       ‘AGREEMENT’ if modified ,altered partially or fully will be applicable in modified version too.


Pink Doctor Application Ownership

BUNNETSKYTON TECHNOSOFT PRIVATE LIMITED is the owner and publisher of the PINK DOCTOR Application including  

·       doctor clinics, the mobile application,

·        website, blogs in pink doctor application,

·       Communications and queries on Pink Doctor

·       All the services provided on Pink Doctor Application and its accounting records.


‘Registered Users’ :

·       Primary User-who have successfully registered themselves with Pink Doctor through the Pink Doctor Application by providing authentic information as sought during registration process.

·       ‘Secondary User’ whose profile has successfully been created on the Pink Doctor Application under the account of a Primary User, by providing correct information as sought during registration.


·       Healthcare Service Practitioner (HSPT) are third party service provider duly qualified and registered. It covers all duly qualified Doctors, healthcare workers ,nurses ,paramedical staffs ,pathology lab staffs and others healthcare Service Practitioners listed on Pink Doctor application and who provider services to Users on Pink Doctor Application.


·       By listing their profile Healthcare Service Practitioner (HSPT) confirms to comply with Telemedicine Practice Guidelines and applicable existing laws .


Non-Registered Users:

·       ‘Non-Registered Users’ is term for users who have not registered themselves on the Pink Doctor Application or all others who are not defined as ‘Registered User”.


‘Registered User’, ‘Non-Registered User’, Registered HSPT are individually or collectively called “User”

General Terms of access and usage

·       Non - Registered User: The person is not allowed to access or make use of the Application for any purpose other than as deemed fit by Pink Doctor.

·       HSPT Registered Users:  HSPT Registered User is only permitted to access and use the Services provided as per guidelines of Pink Doctor and will follow the limitation and restriction imposed under Agreement.

·       Registered User: Permitted to access and use all services as made available on Pink Doctor Application. Any change or policy revision will be communicated via Pink Doctor application

·       You must be at least 18 years of age or older, complied as per Law to access and use such Applications and Services as a Primary User. In case the Application or Services are to be used by a minor (i.e. a person less than 18 years of age) or by a person who is not able to use the application himself, then only the legal guardian/representative of such person shall register himself/herself as a Primary User and create/add the profile as a Secondary User. All services will be requested by Primary user only. The term of use will be in compliance with existing law.

·       We discourage the user to avail the services from outside India. Any complication/loss arising due to usage by user from Outside India will be sole responsibility of user.

·       You may face certain services restricted or limited in few geography. You may also face disruption in certain areas due to unforeseen circumstances, technical issues and Pink Doctor may not be responsible for such disruption which is not in its control.

·       Sharing Pink Doctors business and technical information is prohibited unless taken prior written approval of Pink Doctor Management. Any violation may lead to legal action by Pink Doctor.

·       You give consent to Pink Doctor to receive communication on your contacts details as given during registration process. The communication will be for application related matter and services provided by Pink Doctor.

·       Pink Doctor will send communication if it is mandated by Statutory Authorities in the Health Interest of people.

Kindly ensure the security and secrecy of your log in and password. Pink Doctor will not be responsible for any unforeseen scenario, disruption, loss, unauthorised access and usage due to negligence at your part


·       Pink Doctor is Telemedicine Application. It is online platform which merely provide hosting service to you and HSPT. The services and/or sales  transaction is between you and HSPT .

The Application may be used to access various healthcare and related services as mentioned under.

·       Online Consultations

·       Doctor on call

·       Pathology Lab

·       Booking at Clinics and hospitals

·       Delivery of health goods, medicine and services offered by the HSPT

·       Health Insurance for self and family

·       Medical data storage services of user

The aforesaid list of services are non-transferable and only cover the Registered User. The services can be added or deleted depending on internal and external business, technological, statutory requirement and situations  prevailing at the time.

·       The Telemedicine guideline of Government of India is applicable for both patient and Health care service provider.


·       Pink Doctor Trademark Name is protected by Applicable Intellectual Property Laws of India. Any unauthorised use of name will lead to legal action by Pink Doctor.

·       We may use third party link on our Application. This will be provided to give enhanced services to Pink Doctor User. However, such third-party service providers will be governed by their usage policy. You will take your own judgment to use third party link and its services or its content. PINK DOCTOR does not endorse any Third Party Content that You may be directed to from their Application.




PINK DOCTOR responsibilities,rights and legal Compliances

·       Pink Doctor uses current applicable methods as permitted by law to authenticate HSPT registered on its application


·       Pink Doctor reserve the right to cancel/alter/reschedule/change HSPT appointment without assigning any reason. It also reserve the right to deny/restrict the services without citing any reason .

·       Pink Doctor will strictly adhere to and adopt all reasonable measures to ensure compliance to Indian Statutory Authorities regulations and directives as applicable from time-to-time by Law.


·       You will pay service fee, expenses and sales consideration amount  as applicable to services used by you. The final amount may vary from initial estimate amount. You agree to pay as per final amount. The taxes,legal and statutory compliances will be responsibility of User.

·       You can  make  the payments either online or offline (for certain services).The services of online payment gateway will be governed by their own terms and conditions

·       All fees are exclusive of taxes. The payment process is completed only on due credit received in our bank account. You will receive the payment receipt within 7 days of transaction completion on email / in app



Refund & Cancellation Policy

·       For HSPT subscription Services-You are free to cancel the Service within 14 days of subscription. Pink Doctor shall refund any unutilised fees paid by You at the time of cancellation of the Service. Please write to feedback@pinkdoctor.in We will process refund of the unutilised amount.

·       In case, Pink Doctor fails to deliver the Services and/or Products for any reason as per the product /services details provided on  the Application , please write to feedback@pinkdoctor.in .We will process and refund the unutilised amount post internal investigation.

Kindly do not access the application and Pink Doctor services if you don’t agree to “Term Of Use”


These Terms & Condition of Use were last updated on:10TH May   2021